About me

With an extensive journalistic background, Emelie’s path led her to the world of therapeutic writing when living in England, her former base for nearly thirteen years. Her personal story is a driving force behind her work. As a third generation survivor of the holocaust, she has researched her family’s history and trauma legacy in depth.

Over the years she has taught many different group constellations and has witnessed the transformation and liberation that investigative writing can bring. For several years she has led a course in writing for healing purposes at Österlen’s folkhögskola, the first of its kind in Sweden. This course, she developed after studying writing pedagogy at Skurup’s folkhögskola and having also been awarded a scholarship from the global writing movement Write Your Self and their certification in the trauma sensitive writing method they developed.

”There are many layers to a story and perspectives to take into consideration. By digging deep and experimenting with an open mind we have a lot to gain. When piecing my family trauma together, it became a true journey in every sense, I gained a whole new understanding of who I am, where I have been and where I’m going. This underlies my teaching and it’s my sincere wish for my students to experience, unfold and discover this powerful and benecifial process.”

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